94th House Roll Call Data

94th House Roll Call Data (Stata 7 File)

94th House Codebook

The format of the roll call files is:

 1.  Congress Number
 2.  ICPSR ID Number:  5 digit code assigned by the ICPSR as 
                       corrected by Howard Rosenthal and myself.
 3.  State Code:  2 digit ICPSR State Code. 
 4.  Congressional District Number (0 if Senate)
 5.  State Name
 6.  Party Code:  100 = Dem., 200 = Repub. (See PARTY3.DAT)
 7.  Occupancy:  ICPSR Occupancy Code -- 0=only occupant; 1=1st occupant; 2=2nd occupant; etc.
 8.  Last Means of Attaining Office:  ICPSR Attain-Office Code -- 1=general election;
                2=special election; 3=elected by state legislature; 5=appointed
 9.  Name
10 - to the number of roll calls + 10:  Roll Call Data --
                             0=not a member, 1=Yea, 2=Paired Yea, 3=Announced Yea,
                                             4=Announced Nay, 5=Paired Nay, 6=Nay,
                             7=Present (some Congresses, also not used some Congresses),
                             8=Present (some Congresses, also not used some Congresses),
                             9=Not Voting                   

For frequency counts for the roll call data see Democrat and Republican Party Voting Splits Congresses 35 - 109.