POLI 259: Bayes by the Beach


The Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) (Download R from this Site)

An Introduction to R. (R-intro.pdf -- Reference Work by R Development Core Team)
Using R for Data Analysis and Graphics: An Introduction. (usingR.pdf -- Reference Work by J. H. Maindonald on R Graphics)


The Bayesian Inference Using Gibbs Sampling (BUGS) Project (Download WINBUGS from this Site)

WinBUGS User Manual. (Reference work by BUGS development team).
WinBUGS User Manual. (Reference work by BUGS development team with page numbers!).
R2WinBUGS Manual. Instructions on how to use the R2WinBUGS package for calling WINBUGS from within R.

How to Install JAGS

Useful Links -- JAGS for WINDOWS 64 bit

Sourcefore JAGS 3.4 -- Runs on 64 bit WINDOWS and 64 bit R

R and WINBUGS Programs

gibbs_exponential.r -- R program demonstrating Gibbs Sampling (Gill, pages 26 - 29, code by Jeff Gill)

newton_raphson.r -- R program demonstrating Newton-Raphson (Gill, page 44, code by Jeff Gill)

africa_coups.r -- R program demonstrating glm function using African Coup data (Gill, pages 48-49, code by Jeff Gill)
africa.dat -- Africa Coups data set read by africa_coups.r
consensus.r -- R program demonstrating Cultural Consensus Model in Anthropology (Gill, pages 69-70, 84-85, code by Jeff Gill)

gibbs.r -- R program demonstrating simple Gibbs Sampling (code by Jeff Lewis)

gibbs_coal_mining.r -- R program illustrating British Coal Mine Disaster Problem (Gill, pages 313-317, 348-349, code by Jeff Gill)

metropolis.r -- R program demonstrating simple Metropolis-Hastings Sampling (code by Jeff Lewis)

metropolis_gill.r -- R program demonstrating Metropolis-Hastings Sampling (Gill, pages 324-325, 349-350, code by Jeff Gill)

A Comparison of MLE with Bayesian MCMC Using Gary King's Party and Elections Data (Electoral Responsiveness and Partisan Bias)

undervote.odc -- WinBUGS program demonstrating Undervoting for President in 1992 (code by Simon Jackman)

cancer.odc -- WinBUGS program demonstrating Differences in rates of Lung Cancer by Smoking (code by Simon Jackman)

Regression_106_model.txt -- WinBUGS program that Runs Regression of Bush 2000 vote on Congressional District Data

Regression_106_example.txt -- Data for Regression
model_supct_qn.txt -- WinBUGS program that estimates the Quadratic-Normal Ideal Point Model for Supreme Court

model_supct_nominate.txt -- WinBUGS program that estimates the NOMINATE Ideal Point Model for Supreme Court

supct_rollcalls_bayes_sorted.txt -- Supreme Court Roll Call Data
model_h106_48_qn.txt -- WinBUGS program that estimates a Hierarchical Model of 48 Legislator Ideal Points for the 106th House

h106_48.txt -- 106th House data to estimate Hierarchical Model

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