Karl Friedrich Gauss
Born: 30 April 1777
Died: 23 February 1855


Fall Semester AY2001-2002
Department of Political Science
University of Houston
Houston, TX, 77204-3011

Classroom: 344 PGH
Time: 1:00PM - 4:00PM M

Instructor: Keith T. Poole

Office: 447D Hoffman Hall
E-Mail: kpoole@uga.edu
WebSite: Voteview Home Page

The following texts will be used in this course:


The primary emphasis of this course will be on how to use multivariate statistical methods -- how to look at and assemble data matrices; how to construct and estimate multivariate statistical models. Students will be required to learn Epsilon (EMACS), a screen editor, and two statistical packages -- EVIEWS and STATA.

Grades will be determined by two take home examinations and by regularly assigned class problems.

Below are links to my Prob-Stat II (required MBA course) web pages from AY1997-98 at Carnegie-Mellon University. These should be helpful for you to learn your way around EVIEWS.

Probability and Statistics II Main Page
How to Use Eviews
Prob-Stat II 1997-98: First Homework Assignment
Prob-Stat II 1997-98: Answers For First Homework Assignment
Below are links to my Prob-Stat I (required MBA course) web pages from AY1999-2000 at Carnegie-Mellon University. These may be useful for memory refreshing!

Probability and Statistics I Main Page

Useful Links -- EVIEWS

EVIEWS HomePage -- Quantitative Micro Software

Useful Links -- EPSILON

EPSILON HomePage -- Lugaru Software Ltd.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction and Review of Linear Algebra

    1. The Algebra of Matrices

      First Homework Assignment

  1. Review of the Two Variable Linear Model

  1. The Calculus of Maximum Likelihood Estimation

  1. Simple Logit Analysis
  2. Multi-Choice Logit Analysis

Final Examination

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